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An Arduino based prototyping platform for ISELEDs®

ISELEDs® are the first industrial grade smart addressable RGB LEDs, used in automotive, avionics and rough environments.
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ISELED® advantages are

  • up to 4079 LEDs can be controlled with one data line
  • an operating temperature range from -40…+85°C
  • differential bus communication for longer distances and less EMI
  • 4 dimming levels: for the first time, these enable a true-color display even with lowest brightness. This is especially important since you can achieve dynamic light effects without increasing the overall brightness (and power consumption). Very high levels of brightness are imperative in certain daytime situations to ensure proper visibility.The dimming levels can be set individually for each R, G, and B value.

  • calibrated to D65 color space, what results in a beautiful white and always the same color temperature even if LEDs have to be replaced or added in years to come.
LED interior lighting in the car


For licensing reasons only very specific µControllers can drive ISELEDs®. Microcontrollers for ISELED-based LED chains

During production a special ‘Serial-Number’ is burned into an area of the chip that is later on impossible to change by a user. This ‘Serial-Number’ is polled during initialization and operation of the LEDs. Even if you find the same product number on an existing µController or an Arduino based development board the ISELEDs® can’t be operated.
Example: Arduino MKR Zero
The µController is a SAMD21 from Microchip. Although the SAMD21 is listed among the ISELED® controllers, the MKR Zero is without the required ‘Serial Number’.

The development kits available are expensive and complicated to use.
Availability of ISELEDs® in smaller quantities

The Dominant seddLED (Smart Embedded Digital Driver LED) A3A-FKG-1400-1 come only in reels starting with of 5000 pieces – very small quantities are hardly available.

Pre-soldered LEDs

For consumer grade applications e.g. WS2812 RGB LEDs there is a wide variety of stripes and matrixes, just search for WS2812 on ebay. For ISELEDs® there was only little on the market.

Especially for prototyping purposes these challenges are a huge hurdle to overcome. That’s why we created the ISELED®uino

Small size

Based on the Arduino MKR the same pinout and almost the same footprint.
All Arduino MKR shields can be used.

Arduino Library

Microchip wrote an Arduino library for easy and intuitive use.

Powerful Library

FastISELED is based on FastLED, an awesome library with several color models and bit manipulation that enables beautiful animations.
The best: You can reuse your existing code with ISELED®uinoit is compatible with the FastLED sketches – via a special library for our customers.

Endless possibilities

Arduino is the most adapted physical computing platform. An easy to operate programming IDE with a simplified C++, and endless libraries for almost every kind of sensors and actuators, and a huge community that provides tutorial and help.
Depending on the point of view we can say ISELED® was brought to Arduino or Arduino was brought to ISELED®.

Flexible LED strips

We offer 4 options for flexible ISELED® strips with 1m length and 144 or 72 LEDs/m, and 0.5m length with 72 LEDs/m and 36 LEDs/m.

Single ISELED on PCB

We offer single ISELED® from Dominant on a daisy chainable PCB. This can be used for individual installations or as a ‘sacrificial LED’.
Please refer to section Under the hood.

Custom LED Layout

For custom layout please contact us …

Our ISELED®uino

  • Easy to program – use the programming platform of your choice
  • Small size – size matters
  • Compatible to MKR shields – such as Ethernet, CAN, RS485, …
  • Arduino compatible – add switches, sensors, interfaces, displays, …
  • Slide switch for ISELED® pullup resistors – some existing ISELED® installations already have pull-ups.
  • The ISELED®uino may only deliver a maximum of 500mA to connected ISELEDs. One ISELED typically draws up to 40mA at peak brightness. If the LEDs are supplied with their own 5V power supply, the jumper on the ISELED®uino must be pulled so that there is no feedback into the USB port.
  • ATTENTION: When you use an external power supply then make sure to connect Gnd from LEDs and ISELED®uino. If you want to power down, ALWAYS switch off +5V first, NEVER the Gnd-connection.
  • Segger compatible programming interface – if you need to flash many board this reduces your work load significantly.

Under the hood

The ISELED® have 5V logic. In order to drive ISELED®uino with a 3.3V µController there are level shifters for the output P and N.

For hardware compatibility the first LED is fed with a SPI signal. The first LED automatically converts this signal in a proprietary differential bus signal. The wire length between the ISELED®uino and the first LED should not exceed 0.3m if EMI matters. If you run into problems with longer distances you might consider to place a ‘sacrificial LED’ closer to the ISELED®uino. The differential output signal of this LED is good for 10+ meters.

Software Section 


Library settings:

  • Select number of LEDs in ISELED.h 
Simple use

Set color

  • digiLED.setRGB(R, G, B, number of LED, {not used})
  • R, G, B values 0..255
  • Number of LED 1..4079; 0 = for all
  • Example: Set all LEDs to a specific color
    digiLED.setRGB(64, 128, 255, 0, 0)
Set overall Dimming-Level
  • digiLED.setDIM(dimvalue R, dimvalue G, dimvalue B, number of LED, {not used})
  • Dim values: 0…3 ; with 0 = brightest setting, and 3 = dimmest setting.
  • Advice: although you can set those values individually keep the values for R, G, and B the same, unless you want to very specific things.
  • Example: Set all LEDs to the dimmest setting (not to overwhelm your power supply):
    digiLED.setDIM(0, 0, 0, 0, 0)
  • Good to know: Once you set the ISELEDs® to a specific color and brightness the LED stays in that setting until a new value is being sent to this LED or the power is disconnected.
  • With this you can already do nice fadings, rainbows, moving dots etc.

ISELED® is a registered trademark of Inova Semiconductors GmbH.

We are happy to answer all your questions about our ISELED®uino.
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